Rules and Course Description

  • ALL proceeds go to Compassion House of Issaquah, an ICC ministry
  • Check-in and shirt pickup from 9:00-9:45 AM
  • Online preregistration only; Those not preregistered by the deadline are welcome to run unofficially
  • Men’s and women’s age group awards
  • Distinct 5 and 10k courses, 5k walkers welcome
  • Refreshments and live DJ at the start/finish
  • Water and sports drinks every 2 miles
  • You will not set a PR on these courses; you will be challenged
  • There will be safety marshals on the course, but key directions affecting safety are noted here:
  1. Children under 10 should not participate unattended.
  2. Between SE 96th St and the Front St. sidewalk runners will be directed to a dirt path next to the roadway and follow it for about 50 feet. Stay well off the paved surface to avoid both bikes and wayward cars, watch your footing, and don’t dawdle.
  3. Runners on the Front St. sidewalk cross SE Lewis St. twice, outbound and returning. This intersection is a few hundred yards north of SE 96th St. and about 0.6 miles from the start/finish. It is lightly traveled but look both ways and proceed with caution.
  4. Runners on the Rainier Trail cross SE Evans St. twice, outbound and returning. The aid station is at this trail intersection. SE Evans is lightly traveled but look both ways and proceed cautiously entering and leaving the aid station.
5k runner instructions – Road and Trail – The course starts on a half-mile gradual descent.  The bad news is that it finishes in the opposite direction.  
Start at the end of the ICC driveway blacktop (where it turns to gravel) and run east out the southernmost driveway (which is chained off), turn left onto 238th Way SE, merge with SE 96th St. bearing left to Issaquah Hobart Rd (aka Front St.), turn right on Front , follow sidewalk to 2nd Ave SE (first traffic signal), turn right, in ~200 ft turn right onto Rainier Trail, follow trail to SE Evans St water station, retrace the route back to the church. As shown on our course map, the Rainier trail includes a detour during leg 6 of the table due to construction:  Any ambiguous or wooded sections will be flagged.  Link to leg-by-leg tabular description of  5k course.
High-School-Trail-Tiger-Mountain-Issaquah-hiking10k runner instructions – Some Road, Lots of Single-Track

Follow the 5k route to the aid station where 5k runners turn around. Pass through the aid station and continue down the Rainier Trail to its very end. Begin a steep climb to your right ascending to the Tradition Lake Plateau through switchbacks.  Top out at a trail gate. Do not go through gate, but bear right into the woods onto single-track trail. Proceed about a 1/4 mile to large wooden signboard.  Turn to the left just before the sign and head up a slight incline. Proceed about 7/10 miles along rolling ridgeline trail to a another wooden trail gate which is the 10k turnaround; the trail descends as you approach the turnaround.  Any ambiguous and all wooded sections from the switchback ascent out to the 10k turnaround gate will be flagged.  Retrace your route to the aid station and from thence to the finish back at the church.  Link to leg-by-leg tabular description of 10k course.

5k walker instructions– 5k walkers are welcome to use the same course as the runners.  Those with mobility issues may wish to use this option however, which replaces the Rainier Trail with city sidewalk.  Start same as runners. Diverge from 5k route on 2nd Ave SE; instead of turning into the Rainier Trail, continue on the 2nd Ave SE sidewalk to SE Evans St. At SE Evans St. turn right and ascend to the aid station.  Retrace your steps back to the church.
Course map –  Below find a link to the course map.  The course shown is the 10k since it encompasses the 5k.  Using the controls you can zoom in to see whatever details you like.  The cursor should be set to “Over Distance” mode where the cursor position measures cumulative distance from the start.  Hitting the “play” arrow will automatically move the cursor through the course and the elevation profile. Changing the map format (using the “layer” icon at the top left of map) can introduce terrain or other features.  Map Link