5k Course Details

The water station in the course description tables is shown in GREEN.

5k Course Description – Rainier Trail Out and Back
Leg# From Milestone Distance To Milestone Action at “To” Milestone
1 Start Finish 0.50 SE 96th St/Front St Turn right onto dirt path
2 SE 96th St/Front St 0.20 Front St/SE Lewis St Cross Lewis carefully
3 Front St/SE Lewis St 0.10 Front St/2nd Ave SE Turn right onto 2nd Ave SE
4 Front St/2nd Ave SE 0.04 2nd Ave SE/Rainier Trail Turn right onto Rainier trail
5 2nd Ave SE/Rainier Trail 0.22 Rainier/High school trail Bypass High school trail
6 Rainier/High school trail 0.49 Rainier Trail/SE Evans St Turn around
7 Rainier Trail/SE Evans St 0.49 Rainier/High school trail Bypass High school trail
8 Rainier/High school trail 0.22 Rainier Trail/2nd Ave SE Turn left onto 2nd Ave SE
9 Rainier Trail/2nd Ave SE 0.84 Start/Finish Reverse legs 4-1